Email marketing is another version of the digital marketing system

Email marketing is another version of the digital marketing system

What is Email Marketing?
The process of generating sales by sending commercial messages using e-mail is called e-mail marketing. It is a digital marketing strategy. Through which the advertisement of any product can be given directly to the target customer. These emails carry a lot – including the necessary information, company news, advertisements, special offers, and invitations to sales meetings.
Email marketing is basically a process through which commercial or business messages are sent. And this message is sent to a specific customer. Not just one but a class of people who are involved in that business. This means that if you go to email marketing for a shoe company, you need to find customers who are related to that business. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

History of Email Marketing:
Although the greatest spread of email marketing has occurred in the twenty-first century. But the journey began in the last quarter of the twentieth century. At this stage, we will discuss the history of email marketing.
The incident took place in 1986. Gray Thurk, a U.S. marketer, sent advertisements to 400 potential customers through ARPANET, an American wide-area packet switching network, to promote their organization, Digital Equipment Corporation. He later claimed that more than 13 million worth of similar products had been sold because of email marketing alone. After this, people all over the world saw the new potential door of marketing through email. After him, who gets email marketing, day by day became the most effective digital marketing strategy.

Why do email marketing?
There are many reasons to do email marketing. There is no substitute for email marketing to grow your business in this digital age. Because through Email Marketing, the various sales and offers of the company are conveyed to the customers. And after knowing the issues, the buyer or customer can come at his own time and enjoy the benefits of that offer. Through which the buyer is more satisfied and the sales of the company increase more.
The largest companies in the world deal with email marketing. Reasons why email marketing can be done:
* Increase product sales
* Build a good relationship with the customer
* Increase the number of customers
* Customer needs to keep updated all the time

To gain customer loyalty by providing instant service to the customer
Why is email marketing necessary?
It is possible to reach the customer at the specified time via email.
The number of spam emails has decreased a lot as the spam filter has improved. As a result, the credibility of email marketing has increased a lot.
Various websites such as promotion through other social media. Promoting through these means that not all customers will see them, but your product or service will reach the customer’s inbox via email.
Email marketing is suitable for any business, big or small.
Email marketing is much easier and cheaper than other types of marketing.
Regularity is very easy to maintain here and many things can be done automatically.
Email marketing can be a great way to spread the word. As a result, the sales volume may increase a lot.

Types of Email Marketing:
Email marketing can be done in several ways. And it is usually divided into two parts based on the number of ways and reasons that are done. These are –
1. Transactional email
2. Direct email

What is transactional email marketing?
Transactional emails are basically sent to the customers of the company or business i.e. those who are already buying your product. Here is a list of regular and irregular customers. That is a list of those who are always buying and those who have bought at least once or twice.
Emails are basically sent according to this list. This process is called Transactional Email Marketing.

What is Direct Email Marketing?
This type of marketing is called somewhat promotional marketing. This is basically done to add new customers to the company or business i.e. to add some more customers besides the existing customers.
The main reason for this is to increase the company’s sales. Direct email marketing requires a lot of research and a lot of analysis.
In addition to the above two email marketing, there are several other types. But primarily, these two components are considered to be the core of email marketing. The rest of Email Marketing includes:
* Product update
* Digital newsletter

The Essentials of Email Marketing:
Here are some things you need to know to get started with Email Marketing. Our current discussion is based on what you may need to do email marketing. Let’s find out-

Make a list of emails
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This means that your initial task will be to create a target that you are sending them an email. To do this you select a specific group of people. Then sort their emails into your contact list.
Our website can reduce your workload a bit in creating this email list. You can turn around by clicking on the link.

Choose a template for your work-
Email Marketing is not limited to sending emails. Since you are sending an email, your goal is to attract your customers. Is that so?
Yes, that’s right. And so you need to create a template for the topic you are sending email to. Templates for email marketing however play a big role. Because the more tempting your template, the higher your customer power chances. And you can create this template online using this or some light photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP or Inkscape.
Another thing you need to keep in mind here is to create templates that can be used over and over again. This will save both labor and time.

Try to write a tempting message-
Email is basically a lot of writing. This means that the buyer or customer will be the first to see your writing in an email. Which will help him to make the first impression.
So the more enticing you are to the words of your email, the better your chances of success. And so try to write more and more tempting messages and highlight that in your email marketing. This will allow you to reach more customers and get the point across. Here are three tips for writing this:
* Write what you are offering – headline
* Tell the reader how this thing will help – message body
* Let the reader know what to do after the email – call to action
By keeping these things in mind, you can create a good quality alluring email.

Send an email at the appropriate time-
You did a great job with headlines, message body, and call to action. And sent the message or email at midnight when everyone is asleep.
Tell me, what is the chance of your email catching people’s eye?
Absolutely less. It may not fall in anyone’s eyes again. And that means your whole work is in vain. How would it feel? Surely bad, isn’t it?
And for this, you must send mail on time. Sending mail at an appropriate time may be the secret behind your success. And this way you can give a good amount of customers as a gift to your client. As a result, the amount of work you get will also increase.
In this case, you can choose the office time as the necessary or appropriate time or the time after the evening, that is, when people are most connected to the Internet. And then the customer will get more and also the response.

How to start email marketing?
One thing that may come to your mind after saying so much is how to start a career as an email marketer or email marketer, right? In that case, you can expect success only if you adhere to the issues that we will present to you now. The issues are-

Tech Skills-
You must have a light idea about technology if you want to be an email marketer. But you don’t have to know programming or coding. All you need to know is –
Mastering the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautomation or sending automatic emails – you must know that a company has a lot of clients and hence the number of email IDs. Now if you go to send emails one by one, it may take you a year, right? But will the client give you so much time? And you will not get so much time in one job, right?
And that’s why you need to have an idea about automation. With automation, you can deliver mail to all your clients instantly. This will save both time and labor. So you must have this knowledge related to technology in the first step of email marketing.

Communication Skills-
The thing I want to say is that you must have the ability to communicate well. You need to keep in mind that you are going to send a message to someone via email. And your goal is to attract him to your service. Your goal is to get your client or your company to buy the product.
And so you need to use all the language that your readers want to buy your product after reading it. That is why your message must be enticing.

Proper Content Selection-
Nowadays, you can see emails from many companies that are filled only with pictures. In other words, they are filled only with visual content. You may think it’s bad, don’t you?
In fact, the main thing here is that most of the time people call it spam email because of this excessive image. And they don’t get the information they need. By doing this, the client or both of you will have the possibility of losing the customer. And the response to the email will be much less.
And so you have to decide exactly what you want to give in your mail. That means you have to make this decision based on what the customer wants. And it is better to try to give fewer pictures all the time. Try to win the hearts of customers or audiences by writing something better than this. You can get the expected results.
You can choose email marketing as your career only if you have a little skill on the above topics. And you can easily go to the top of success.

Detailed Ideas on Free and Paid Email Marketing-
When you have a complete idea about email marketing i.e. when you become an email marketer you need to find a job. And when you get a job, you have to do research with enough email, as well as create templates and so on. Anyway in our next part we will talk about free and paid email marketing.

Free Email Marketing-
The key to email marketing is the mailing list or email list. This means a list of emails from people you want to send or will send emails to. You can never email anyone without a list. And so the most important thing here is to collect emails.
You can collect emails for free and for that you can use your blog or youtube channel. In this case, you can put an email in your blog with the option to submit. And make readers aware that if they want to be notified of new posts first, they should subscribe by email.
This allows you to easily keep a list of who is coming or going on your blog or website. And it will be good for you for email marketing. And when you are doing it for someone else, you can go to his website and get information.

Paid Email Marketing-
Understand what paid email marketing will be like! Yes, in this case, you have to take some money out of your pocket. Paid email marketing will basically give you the opportunity to buy a lot of emails. As a result, you can get many emails without blogs or websites.
And in these emails, you can promote your business or client’s business.

Various Email Marketing Tools-
In one place above I told you about the tools or automation of email marketing. At this stage, we will learn a little about the tools of email marketing. In fact, you can get these marketing tools even if you search on Google, but at this stage, I will show you some tools that I like. The ones that are loved by everyone around the world are-
1.Feed burner
2.Mail chimp
3.Sand press
5.Mailer light

Things to keep in mind in email marketing:
There are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to email marketing. Refrain from emailing anyone. Target specific customers. Every time you promote, you have to focus on achieving the goal.
One thing to keep in mind at all times is not to do any kind of spam. Don’t send mail to anyone unnecessarily. Keep collecting emails from customers who are interested in your product or service. The more interesting the design of the email, the more the customer will be attracted.
If you plan to do email marketing for marketing, keep sending regular emails to your customers. Regular updates and product notifications will hopefully help you build long-term relationships with customers via email.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?
Think about the reasons why you will do email marketing? If there is no reason, why not do one thing?
Email marketing is now a big part of online marketing. There are currently countless small and large companies around the world doing email marketing to promote their products and their websites and services.
1.It is possible to get more visitors to blogs and websites through email marketing.
2.It is possible to increase product sales through email marketing.
3.It is only through this email marketing that it is possible to reach your business to hundreds of people through some pictures and videos.
4.It is possible to add new customers to the business.

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest services. You can reach millions of people with just a few bucks. This will increase both your sales and customers. As a result, the scope of business will also increase. This can be done only through some research. And email marketing is relatively easy and cheap than other types of marketing so you won’t have to spend a lot of money.

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